Chief Judge William E. Woodrum Jr. has granted class-action certification to a lawsuit against Georgia-Pacific. In 2010, Kirbi and Aaron Ratner and David and Kathy McDonald filed a lawsuit against Georgia-Pacific’s Savannah River Mill Plant.

The plaintiffs claim that the hydrogen sulfide coming from the plant’s waste treatment center was causing a loss in property value and physical damage to their homes. According to the lawsuit, sludge dumped into the plant’s disposal cells release hydrogen sulfide, a foul smelling gas, which is corrosive to metal. Georgia Pacific’s disposal area sits on about 170 acres.

An attorney for the plaintiffs claims that 20 to 30 residents have had their air conditioning systems go out due to the hydrogen sulfide. Georgia-Pacific has replaced some of the air conditioning systems.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys believe that if the lawsuit had not been granted class-action status, as many as 116 individual lawsuits could have been filed against Georgia-Pacific.

Savannah Morning News reports that Georgia-Pacific is considering appealing the court’s decision.

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