Due to recent EPA hydraulic fracking reports, hydraulic fracturing water contamination has caused an increase in the number of fracking contamination lawsuits that are being filed. Because of the possible link to cancer, environmentalists are worried that fracking chemicals can compromise the quality of drinking water in areas where hydraulic fracturing is conducted.

If hydraulic fracturing is being conducted in your area and the quality of your drinking water has been affected, you may have cause to file a hydraulic fracturing lawsuit. Complete the Free Case Evaluationform on this page to begin exploring your legal options.

Hydraulic Fracturing Contaminating Well Water

Hydraulic fracturing is a common technique used to stimulate the production of natural gas and oil. For this to work, fluids are usually injected underground at high pressures, forming a fracture in the rock (hydraulic fracture). The fracture allows the gas or oil underground to flow to the surface. Some of the injected fluids, though, remain trapped underneath the surface.

Many of the fluids used in the fracking process are considered carcinogens or hazardous materials and are usually toxic enough to contaminate groundwater resources.

Health Concerns Linked to Fracking Chemicals

Exposure to fracking chemicals can occur in several ways. Chemicals that have spilled and entered sources of drinking water can be ingested. Workers, spill responders or health care professionals can be exposed through direct skin contact. Even breathing in vapors from flow-back waste stored in tanks or pits can cause an individual to be exposed to toxic fracking chemicals.

Some of the toxic chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process have been known to cause the following negative health effects:

  • Respiratory distress
  • Neurological and reproductive impacts
  • Impacts on the central nervous system
  • Cancer
  • Skin, eye and sensory organ effects
  • Gastrointestinal effects

Hydraulic Fracturing Lawsuits

There are several cases in which residents have reported changes in water quality following a hydraulic fracturing operation near their home. In August 2010, scientists working for the U.S. government foundcontaminants in drinking water wells near hydraulic fracturing operations, supporting concerns that this technique is endangering the health of residents nearby these sites.

If hydraulic fracturing has been conducted in your area and the quality of your drinking water has been negatively affected, you may be able to file a hydraulic fracturing lawsuit.

For more information on the legal rights which may be available to those residents who live near a hydraulic fracturing site, complete the Free Case Evaluation form on this page.