Insurance Company Disputes Call for a Tough-Minded Attorney

Even though you may pay thousands of dollars in insurance company premiums, your insurance company is not really working for you. Big insurance carriers are working for their shareholders. They are in business to make profits. The less they pay in claims, the more profit they make.

This is why insurance companies may dispute your claim. They may try to limit the amount of money they should pay for your losses, or deny payment altogether. We understand how frustrating insurance company disputes can be for people injured in auto accidents. At The Eichholz Law Firm, we can stand up for you. We know how insurance companies operate, call or email our firm today for a free and confidential consultation.

Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Coverage

In some cases, insurance companies will say there is no coverage for the person at fault or the accident victim. They may argue that the premiums were not paid on time or that the driver was not covered because he or she was using the car for non-business purposes.

Adjusters and insurance company attorneys are trained to look for ways to limit claims. They understand the average auto accident victim is not well-versed about the law and their rights — and they will take advantage of this. They may try to persuade you to sign a statement or make a quick settlement. Don’t fall for their games. You may be giving up your rights to full compensation for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, and other possible losses.

Contact a Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

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