Takeda Pharmaceuticals is the U.S. subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Japan’s largest drug company. Takeda Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1998 and ranks among the top 15 drug companies in America, largely due to Actos sales. The Type 2 Diabetes drug had $3.4 billion in U.S. sales in 2011 alone.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals has been the target of thousands of Actos injury lawsuits filed across the country and is a known source of serious personal injuries for some takers of the medication.

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If you or a loved one developed an adverse side effect, such as bladder cancer or heart failure, after taking Actos, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit for losses related to your condition.

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History of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Takeda’s parent company was founded as a single medicine shop in Osaka, Japan in 1781. In 1871, it became a cooperative union to import Western medicine and had its first factory in 1895. Chobei Takeda & Company Limited, as it was called then, was worth about $1 million by 1925.

After World War II, Takeda primarily manufactured penicillin and vitamin B1 and became a publicly traded company in 1949. From 1956 to 1970, the parent company grew at annual rates as high as 20 percent.

In 1985, Takeda began marketing its cancer-fighting drug, Lupron, in the United States. Lupron Depot (Lupron’s successor) and Prevacid helped Takeda to expand its American and European markets.

In 1999, Takeda Pharmaceuticals began to focus on Actos. In 2011, Actos earned more than $8 billion of the company’s $17 billion in net sales.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Actos

After Actos gave Takeda Pharmaceuticals a stronghold in the American market, research began to surface that showed the risk of developing life-altering side effects in long-term users of Actos. Two of the most common and serious side effects linked to Actos use are bladder cancer and congestive heart failure.

Patients who developed adverse conditions from taking Actos filed lawsuits against Takeda and Eli Lilly, the company that helped Takeda market the drug in the United States.

There are already over 10,000 lawsuits filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals by Actos users, and if you or a loved one has experienced any negative side effects after taking Actos, you may be able to file a lawsuit, as well. Contact our pharmaceutical injury attorneys today be completing the Free Case Review form on this page to see if you may have cause to file a claim.

At The Eichholz Law Firm, we believe that when pharmaceutical companies knowingly produce dangerous drugs, they should be held accountable for any damages that result. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of any individual who has suffered from Actos adverse side effects.

Other Drugs Manufactured by Takeda

Takeda is currently attempting to develop another hit drug to treat lifestyle diseases, like diabetes. The company had planned for its new diabetes drug, Alogliptin, to replace Actos when its patent expired in August 2012, but the drug failed to get marketing approval from the FDA. The FDA rejected Alogliptin’s marketing application due to insufficient data on the new drug’s heart risks.

At the moment, clinical trials are underway for Takeda’s new weight loss drug in addition to a new class of diabetes drugs called TAK-875.

Actos Lawsuits Filed Against Takeda

Since Actos entered the market in 1999, over 10 million people all over the world have taken it. Given the statistics from recent studies, this implies that thousands of people are suffering or will be suffering from dangerous Actos side effects.

In 2007, when research showed that users of Actos and similar drugs, like Avandia, had an increased risk of congestive heart failure, the FDA added a black-box warning label. While Avandia’s sales began to decline, Actos began to increase in popularity. Despite increasing evidence of the risks involved in taking Actos, it remains available in America.

In 2001, a study revealed that Actos caused a 40 percent increased risk of bladder cancer in patients who took the drug for an extended period of time – a year or longer. Actos has also been linked to an eye disorder called macular edema and an increased risk of bone fracture in women.

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