Workers Compensation Lawyers in Atlanta

When an employee becomes injured on the job, workers’ compensation is available to provide financial assistance to the employee. Workers’ compensation covers any lost wages or earning potential entitled to the employee as a result of an injury or illness contracted at the workplace.

Note that while workers’ compensation and injury laws vary from state to state, many workers are eligible to receive compensation for their injury or illness. To better understand your rights to workers’ compensation, you should consider working with a law firm to be assigned an attorney. In addition to lost wages, workers’ compensation may also include any costs that are associated with your treatment and recovery, if applicable.

Types of High Risk Occupations

According to data by The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Occupational Safety (BLS) and Health Administration’s (OSHA), there are certain occupations and industries that can be considered more dangerous than others. Often, those occupations where more injuries and accidents occur are manual labor-based occupations. A few high-risk occupations include but are not limited to:

  • Logging workers
  • Roofers
  • Farmers, rangers, and other agricultural managers
  • Grounds maintenance workers
  • Truck drivers and sales workers
  • Commercial fishers and fishing workers
  • Structural iron and steel workers

Most Common Workplace Injuries

A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses occurred in 2016. Even though the BLS reported that there has been a decline in workplace injuries over the past ten years, work-related accidents still occur quite frequently, with some of those accidents being life-threatening or severe. Some workplace-incidents include:

  •   Sprains, strains, and tears
  •   Back and neck injuries
  • Falls from various heights
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and Tendonitis
  • Construction site accidents
  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • And more

Being the victim of a workplace-incident is a serious matter and requires immediate attention and coverage. Consulting a law firm may be the best route to consider to ensure you receive compensation.

Types of Workers’ Compensation

To thoroughly support the specific needs of injured and ill workers, workers’ compensation includes a compensation system with a variety of benefits. Though each benefit can be explained and/or sought after with the help of an attorney, below is an overview of the compensation benefits which help address the specific financial needs of the injured individual:

  •   Medical Coverage and Care
  •   Rehabilitation
  •   Disability
  •   Temporary partial disability
  •   Temporary total disability
  •   Permanent partial disability
  •   Permanent total disability
  •   Supplemental
  •   Death

Remember that every state has different laws regarding workers’ compensation. Review your employer’s benefits for details on the types of workers’ compensation benefits you are eligible to receive and consider working with an attorney if necessary.

We Have Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Atlanta is home to over 5.8 million people and is the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Full of history and culture, the historical city unfortunately witnesses workplace incidents and injuries just like in any other city. In fact, there have been reports of employees being fired after sustaining an injury. There have also been cases of employees being terminated after contracting an illness and having to take medicine. When incidents like this happen, Atlanta residents have sites, such as the American Bar Association, available to them to search for an Atlanta lawyer. Nevertheless, you can also attain a professional Atlanta lawyer through the Eichholz Law Firm, P.C. Eichholz Law Firm provides experienced Atlanta lawyers to residents searching for Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers.

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