Statistics provided by the Health and Safety Executive demonstrate that there were 42 major offshore injuries reported during 2009, out of the 26,598 total workers.

Maritime law, also known as Admiralty Law, is defined as a series of laws, conventions and treaties which governs international private businesses along with matters concerning ships, shipping or other crimes and offenses which occur on the open water.  These are laws between nations which govern issues such as national versus international waters and are considered to be public international laws that are known as “Laws of the Seas”.

At The Eichholz Law Firm, Our Savannah maritime lawyers believe that if you or a member of your family has suffered an injury due to the negligent actions of another individual, the victim could be eligible to obtain compensation for those injuries including; medical related expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, and loss of wages. Our experienced team of attorneys is ready to assist you during your time of need today.

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Causes of Boating Injuries

While out at sea or simply on a dock or loading wharf, there are many dangers as the conditions of the sea can never be precisely determined.

It’s important to note that these conditions may lead to many different causes of boating injuries and in some cases, possible death if the person is not attended to by medical professionals immediately.

Some common causes of boating injuries include:

  • Contact with Benzene or other toxins
  • Falling overboard
  • Lifting heavy items
  • Pushing or pulling heavy items
  • Slip and fall
  • Struck by moving object
  • Surfacing from the water too fast
  • Trapped by moving object

…just to name a few

Of course, as with these causes, there are also several types of maritime injuries which may occur. These injuries can vary in severity depending on the situation of the accident and number of other factors involved.

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Types of Maritime Injuries

In most cases, the cause of an injury is directly correlated with the type of injury. These injuries may also vary in severity depending on the number of factors which caused the injury including; objects, people, speed, and force of an impact.

From the perspective of a maritime worker or vessel operator, due to the large equipment that is often involved while on the waterfront – handling barges, containers, hazardous cargoes and other commodities while on the waterfront, the personal and property damages can be substantial and can often lead to injuries that are life-changing for the victim and their families.

A few types of maritime injuries include:

  • Drowning
  • Internal Injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Loss of Limb

If you are suffering from a maritime injury, it is recommended to seek medical attention immediately to prevent further damage from occurring. In addition, these medical documents can be used by our attorneys against a negligent individual or entity whom may have caused the injury.

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Seafarers Legal Rights

In the United States, our constitution grants original jurisdiction to the United States federal court over maritime and admiralty matters. Of course, this jurisdiction is not always exclusive, and many cases may be heard in either state or federal courts under the “saving to suitors” clause.

At the law offices of The Eichholz Law Firm, our team of highly trained attorneys have extensive knowledge of our maritime laws and offer 100% FREE case reviews to help determine if you have sufficient grounds to file a damages lawsuit.

Keeping this in mind, there are five different types of cases that can be brought to federal court.

These cases include:

  • Limitation of Ship-owners Liability
  • Vessel Arrests in Rem
  • Property arrests Quasi in Rem
  • Salvage Cases
  • Petitory and Possession Actions

All of these cases have a common element which requires the court to exercise jurisdiction over maritime property. Maritime law is also governed by a three year statute of limitations for wrongful death and personal injury cases, cargo cases must be presented before two years, and cruise ship passengers typically have one year statute of limitations available.

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At the Eichholz Law Firm, our Savannah maritime lawyers believe that if you or a family member has been injured in a boating accident, the victim could be eligible to receive compensation for their losses and damages. We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means that we will not charge you for our services unless we recover for you and only get paid when we win your case.

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