The specific circumstances under which medical malpractice lawsuits are filed are as unique as the individuals who make the claim. It is unlikely that any two cases will be exactly the same, but there are always similarities between cases.

Subsequently, there are certain types of injuries that repeatedly lead to the filing of medical malpractice lawsuits because they are a result of a healthcare professional’s negligence. The information below serves as an outline to explain how these types of cases come about and the types of injuries that most often lead to medical malpractice injury claims.

First—What is Medical Malpractice?

When a doctor, nurse or other medical professional harms a patient or fails to provide the proper treatment, a medical malpractice case may arise. These types of lawsuits may be filed by the person who was injured or a surviving family member, depending on the circumstances.

Medical malpractice cases may be brought against any medical professional who failed to meet a duty of care toward their patient. The lawsuit will attempt to prove the medical professional was negligent in their actions, whether that negligence came in the form of unskilled behaviors or an ill-advised course of treatment.

Types of Harm that Constitutes Medical Malpractice

The following types of injuries might lead to a lawsuit against a medical professional:

Misdiagnosis/ Delayed Diagnosis

If a doctor fails to diagnose a condition within a reasonable amount of time, an important window of treatment may be missed. With many conditions, this could mean that a once-curable illness is now terminal or inoperable.

Similarly, a misdiagnosis means the patient and their family were never given the opportunity to make any real headway in the attempt to treat the issue. It can be tragic to discover time, effort, and money were put toward healing an issue that did not exist while the real medical problem was left untreated.

Birthing Room/ Childbirth Injuries

Errors in the birthing room can leave children physically scarred for life, brain damaged, or worse. Medical malpractice during childbirth has the potential to cause serious conditions such as cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, klumpke’s palsy and more.

Furthermore, errors in treatment during the mother’s pregnancy can impact the health of the child even before it is born. A medical professional may even fail to recognize potential birth defects or a condition which may endanger the health of the mother, such as preeclampsia, Rh incompatibility, hypoglycemia, anemia, or gestational diabetes.

Anesthesia Errors

When undergoing any type of surgery that requires anesthesia, it is of the utmost importance that the anesthesiologist is licensed, experienced, and that they do all necessary research on a patient even before administering the anesthesia. Failure to conduct proper checks of medical history might lead to an allergic reaction to the type of medication administered.

Anesthesiology errors can also result in overmedicating or under-medicating the patient. While an overdose could lead to death, not providing enough anesthesia can cause a patient to experience anesthesia awareness, where they are partially conscious during their surgery.

Medication Errors

Not only will failing to provide a patient with the medication they need potentially injure them, but prescribing a medicationthey do not need can be just as dangerous. Whether it is an allergic reaction, an overdose, or a slip-up at the pharmacy, any medical professional who prescribes or handles a patient’s drugs is responsible for ensuring the correct medication is given to the patient.

Surgical Errors

There are a frightening amount of ways a surgeon or physician can be negligent in the operating room. From removing the wrong organ or limb to leaving surgical instruments inside of a patient’s body, surgeons have to ensure they are following the strictest medical guidelines at all times.

Know Your Rights and Call a Medical Malpractice Lawyer if Your Family Was Harmed

We have a right to trust the medical professionals that treat us. It is reasonable to believe that when we visit a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or other healthcare provider that their advice can be trusted and should be followed.

When your injury is the result of a medical professional’s negligence, you have the right to pursue justice through legal means.

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