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In a study released by the Georgia Governers Office Of Highway Safety, approximately 12% of people that were killed in motor vehicle collisions were motorbike riders. In fact, between the 2004-2008 time period, there has been an alarming 59% increase in motorcycle driver fatalities in our state.

Out of those riders, 29% were killed in Catham, Cobb, DeKlab, Fulton and Gwinette counties – with an overall estimated motorcycle fatality rate of 6.25 casualties out of every 10,000 registered motorcycles. While motorcycle laws do vary from state to state, it’s statistics like those stated above that make a solid argument for a more-uniformed approach to motorcycle laws across our country.

Georgia for example, requires that all road-going motorcyclists MUST wear eye protection and wear helmets to reduce the risk of motorcycle injuries, with strict DUI laws also being enforced in an attempt to reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

To further increase these chances, motorcycles themselves have specific limits on the handlebar height, when driving lights can used, if there are any set noise limits and other things of that nature.

Unfortunately, despite all of these safety measures, accidents happen. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, the Georgia motorcycle accident lawyers at The Eichholz Law may be able to assist you. We have a detailed understanding of Georgia’s motorcycle laws and the resources to fully litigate any motorcycle injury claim.

Most Common Types Of Motorcycle Crash Injuries

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Despite there being recent advancements in rider safety clothing and equipment, due to the exposed nature of most motorcycles, the possibility of the rider and any passengers being injured in a crash is quite significant.

When environmental issues of curbs, gutters, road tarmac, debris and most importantly – other vehicles – are added to the accident scene, the resulting injuries can be life changing for all parties involved.

While there are MANY body parts that can be injured in a bike crash, most motorcycle accident injuries can be categorized into general injury groups.

Some of these include (but are not limited to):

The resulting medical treatments that are usually required to help an injury victim recover can be crushing. Surgery costs, medication, rehabilitation and other related expenses can be the ruin of many people – let alone lost wages, mental anguish and pain and suffering.

With this in mind, if you or a loved one has been injured in a motorbike crash that was not your fault, you may be eligible for compensation. By hiring the services of an experienced personal injury litigator, they may be able to help you achieve a much greater compensation amount than you may have achieved without their assistance.

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Bike Crashes And Dealing With Insurance Companies

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In most collisions, the insurance company of the at-fault rider will send out an investigator to review the collision and try to assess the damages involved. It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that these investigators are NOT your friend. They are highly-skilled workers that are trained to extract sensitive information from injury victims when they are most vulnerable.

As you may already expect, any information that is provided to them will be used against the injury victim if they decide to pursue legal recourse to obtain compensation. In this situation, our experienced attorneys can help to defer those questions – in many cases, we will request that all questions be diverted directly to our firm.

In effect, what this does is provide our customers with a level of insulation and protection from these investigators, which allows the injury victim to focus on their speedy recovery.

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While compensation does not fix the causes of many accidents, it can certainly help victims attain the treatment they need to help recover more quickly from their injuries – or to at least help them cope.

At the offices of The Eichholz Law Firm, our Georgia motorcycle accident lawyers proudly represent victims that have been injured in Georgia motorcycle accidents that were not their fault.

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