Just For Men Lawsuit

For more than 30 years, millions of men opted to dye their hair using Just For Men products, and the vast majority of them did not experience any reactions. Recently however, a growing number of men are reporting unexpected reactions resulting in chemical burns and even hospitalization.

As a result, hundreds of consumers have filed lawsuits against the makers of Just For Men over claims that they didn’t do enough to alert consumers of its harmful side effects. Those who have not yet filed a Just For Men lawsuit but were harmed by the products may still be eligible to take legal action against the manufacturers, personal-care company Combe.

History of Just For Men

Almost everyone in the United States has heard of Just For Men. The product, introduced by Combe Incorporated back in 1987, has been heavily marketed over the years. It was one of the first hair dyes marketed directly to men.

Combe has engaged in aggressive marketing campaigns to help promote its Just For Men products, setting up sponsorships with major sporting events such as wrestling matches and golf tournaments. Celebrities like Walt Frazier and Keith Hernandez have appeared in their memorable commercials. Just For Men eventually became the leading hair dye for men in the United States. One 2012 survey1 found that it was by far the best-selling hair coloring brand for men with sales of $137.3 million.

Over the years, Just For Men has branched out to include a range of specialized products, including dyes specifically for mustaches and beards.

Men Report Allergic Reactions to the Dye

Millions of men have used Just For Men products successfully. However, a growing number of users have reported allergic reactions.

Consumer advocacy group ConsumerAffairs collects complaints and reviews of Just For Men. More than 750 men have submitted complaints about unexpected side effects like itching, redness, and chemical burns.

Here is an excerpt from just one of the reviews:2

I have used JFM beard dye numerous times and have had very minor irritation. However, I used this product three days ago and now I have a severe chemical burn on my face. The irritation and itching was so bad I shaved my beard off and my entire face is scorched. This is completely unacceptable!!!

Countless men have reported similar irritation and reactions that range in severity. Some have even reported going to emergency rooms for symptoms brought on by using Just For Men.

Just For Men hair dyes contain a long list of compounds with the potential to trigger skin reactions in users. However the main culprit of Just For Men reactions is thought to be a chemical called p-phenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is regularly used in hair dyes.

PPD was named Allergen of the Year3 in 2006 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society to raise awareness about the allergic reactions associated with the chemical. The Environmental Protection Agency4 also warns that exposure to high levels of PPD can cause severe dermatitis, eye irritation, asthma, vertigo, renal failure, convulsions, and coma.

Does Just For Men Contain Lead Acetate?

Lead acetate is a potentially harmful ingredient used in several hair dyes in the United States. While Just For Men uses a cocktail of chemicals, there have been no reports to suggest the product contains lead acetate. However, the chemical compound is used in another Combe Incorporated hair dye called Grecian Formula.

In 2017, more than a dozen consumer groups petitioned5 the FDA to ban lead acetate in hair coloring products.

Just For Men Recall Status

Despite numerous reports of serious burns, no recall has been issued by the FDA. Under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the FDA has no authority to recall a cosmetic like Just For Men.

The FDA can request a recall or notify the public of dangers, though.

Victims File Just For Men Lawsuits

In the instructions for Just For Men, consumers are warned to conduct a skin-allergy test 48 hours before every use. The label also warns that allergic reactions can occur. But just because consumers are warned does not mean Combe cannot be held accountable.

Hundreds of men who have been harmed by Just For Men products have filed lawsuits against the personal-care company. There are currently more than 20 cases pending in federal courts in Illinois and Missouri.

Combe argues6 that Just For Men packaging meets federal statutory requirements, but plaintiffs say Combe did not do enough to alert consumers of side effects that include burns, scarring, allergic reactions, and anaphylactic shock.

Men who have been harmed by Just For Men products are encouraged to contact a qualified attorney immediately to find out whether they have a case against Combe.