A deposition is oral testimony taken under oath before a trial.

Depositions are used to preserve evidence for trial and to uncover the witness’s knowledge.

A deposition requires concentration and can be very tiring. To benefit your case, it is important that you properly prepare for and deliver a good deposition.

Tips for Deposition Preparation and Delivering your Deposition

  • Be truthful. Lying during a deposition is considered perjury, a felony. If the truth is uncovered during trial, your case may be damaged.
  • Listen carefully. Before answering, make sure you have listened to the entire question. Don’t be afraid to ask the attorney to repeat his or her questions if necessary.
  • Comprehend the questions. If you do not clearly understand a question, do not answer it. You may ask for clarification if needed, or ask the attorney to rephrase a confusing question.
  • Take a moment. After each question, pause to give yourself a moment to consider the question and form an accurate answer. During this time, your attorney may object if appropriate.
  • Be accurate. If you are unsure of the answer to a question, do not guess. Simply answer that you do not know, and do not speculate.
  • Ask your attorney. It is your right to be able to talk with your attorney in private at any point during your deposition if you need to discuss a question or your response.
  • Do not elaborate. Answer only what is asked of you, there is no need to explain your answer or justify it.
  • Be calm. Stay composed during your deposition. It is important not to lose your temper during harsh questioning and to speak in a polite manner.
  • State estimations and quotations. If you are asked to estimate or quote conversations in any questions, make sure to state that the amount you have given was an estimation, or that you have paraphrased or provided a direct quote.

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