Sunday Nov 2nd 2014 – a 21 year old Army Air Field soldier was injured critically after losing control of a 2008 Honda CRB motorcycle and crashing on Paulsen and East 39th streets at a very high speed. He was then rushed to Memorial University Medical Center.

The motorcycle driver lost control of his motorcycle when a 24 year old Savannah Man crossed the intersection at 39th, he skid through the intersection and hit into the rear quarter panel of the Chevy. The motorcycle itself skid over a block away.

The crash ended up blocking traffic due to Metro Police closing Paulson Street to all traffic between East 38th and 40thstreets, giving the major accident investigation team the time they needed to investigate what happened. Savannah Metropolitan Police Department continues to investigate the crash.

There are several body parts that can be injured in a motorcycle accident, most motorcycle accident injuries are categorized into general groups.

Some of these include (but are not limited to):

·        Traumatic brain injury

·        Fractures or broken bones

·        Road rash, burns and deep cuts

·        Paralysis or spinal cord injury

·        Disfigurement

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