school-bus-accidentsWhen a child is injured or dies in a school bus accident, it is one of the most tragic events in life. Thankfully, bus accidents are rare. But when they do occur because of negligent behavior, this tragedy is further heightened and often unbearable.

If you have experienced such a tragedy, we are truly sorry for your loss. Although we cannot take away the pain and suffering this accident has caused, the lawyers at The Eichholz Law Firm can serve as your advocates in getting you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Often school bus accidents are outside the parents control due to the behavior of a negligent bus driver, manufacturing malfunction or improperly working school vehicle. However, parents can still teach their children school bus safety tips to make these atrocities less likely. Below are some safety tips to communicate to your children:

  • Before boarding the bus, tie shoes properly, close materials and tuck in clothing to prevent falls.
  • Use handrails when boarding the bus to prevent falls.
  • Stand at least three big steps away from the curb where the bus stops.
  • Always tell the bus driver if something falls near the bus, and never retrieve these items until permission is given.
  • Wait for a bus driver’s permission to board the bus.
  • Maintain a safe and proper distance away from a bus. It is often advised that a child should maintain at least six feet of distance from a stationary bus and ten feet away when crossing the street in front of a bus. Children can also raise their hand to ensure that the bus sees them when crossing in front of a bus.

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