When You See Signs of Birth Injuries, Turn to an Experienced Law Firm

At The Eichholz Law Firm, we are committed to helping families who have suffered due to birth defects and injuries. If your baby was harmed due to medical malpractice, contact our firm for a free consultation. An experienced birth injury attorney will work aggressively to make sure you get the full compensation you are entitled to receive.

Childbirth should be a special and joyous occasion, but sometimes, it’s marred by negligence. You may notice signs of birth injuries during or sometime after the birth of the child.

The following are signs of birth injury or birth defects:

  • Seizures that develop within 24 to 48 hours after birth
  • Prolonged resuscitation of the baby after delivery
  • Persistent poor nursing
  • An infant that is “floppy” after five minutes
  • An APGAR score of 5 or less at five minutes; 7 or less at 10 minutes
  • Full-term baby who does not go home with his or her mother
  • No infant cry before the child is 10 minutes old (unless the baby has a breathing tube in his or her throat)

An experienced birth injury attorney may be able to help you recover for your losses if your infant shows signs of birth injuries. One of our firm’s birth injury lawyers may be able to help you recover payment for pain and suffering, compensation for medical expenses and other expenses related to your child’s birth injury.

Contact a Birth Injuries Attorney Today

Insurance companies for hospitals or medical professionals may try to limit or deny your claim. We stand up for our clients and demand full compensation from insurance companies. If you or a loved one was injured, contact a birth injuries attorney today. Your initial consultation with The Eichholz Law Firm is free, and there is no obligation. We look forward to discussing your legal options: Call (866) 947-7449.

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