The parents of a Fayette County teenager who died after smoking synthetic marijuana has filed a wrongful death suit against a Cobb County man who is the alleged distributor of the drug.  This is believed to be the first lawsuit against a manufacturer or distributor of the drug Spice, also known as K2.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that an open package of “Mojo Diamond Extreme 100X Potpourri”, a brand name for synthetic pot was found next to the hot tub where 16- year-old Chase Burnett drowned in March.

The wrongful death suit claims that Peyton Palaio, 25, or an associate working for one of his companies, Lunar Labs and WG Distribution, sold the Mojo Diamond to the convenience store where Burnett purchased the drug.

Spice is made from plant material and sprayed with chemicals that mimic THC, an active ingredient in marijuana. The drug was briefly outlawed in April when the Governor signed Chase’s Law. However, chemists for the distributors found a way around the ban by altering the drug’s molecular compound. Law enforcement can seize K2 or Spice from merchants because of The Georgia Controlled Substances Act.

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