Motorcycle Winter

Riding a motorcycle is a beloved activity of many. However, when winter comes, many riders put up their bikes for good until springtime. With just over 4,500 people dying in motorcycle crashes each year in the United States and an average of 150 being injured in Georgia alone, it’s no surprise that when it comes to winter driving many are hesitant to head to the roads.

However, if motorists take necessary precautions, riding in the winter can be safe, fun, and even desirable. Many riders find that the benefits outweigh the cons because they never get stuck in traffic and find that riding a bike is a great way to kickstart their mornings.

Hazards of Riding A Motorcycle In The Winter

Driving in the winter can be dangerous for everybody, but especially so for motorists. There is the threat of getting too cold and drifting to sleep. Other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians often pay less attention to bikers in the winter, and the wintry conditions can make it hard for them to see motorists.

How To Be Safe While Driving In The Winter

There are many tips to being safe in the winter, listed below:

Motorcycle Winter 3Use Proper Winter Biking Gear

It is crucial to have proper winter biking gear. As mentioned earlier, staying warm and protecting yourself from the wind is a large part of the battle. It is important for riders to use proper base layers, outerwear, head coverage, gloves, and proper footwear for winter. Many motorists have said that when it comes to cold weather motorcycle gear, REI’s selection for being among the best. However, while it’s important to dress warm, it’s important to wear layers to prevent getting too warm. It’s a balancing act.

Motorcycle Winter 1Check Your Tire Quality and Service Your Bike Frequently

Along with having good winter biking gear, having tries in good working condition is essential. Lower your air tire slightly, just like you would with a car. Bad driving conditions in winter can wear out tires fast, and a tire blowout on a motorcycle can prove especially fatal. Also, the sand, salt, and debris on the road can prevent your chain and derailleur from functioning properly. Some opt to use mountain bike tires. Ultimately, whatever you choose, make sure you service your bike often in the winter months.

Motorcycle Winter 4Respect the Roads and the Weather

Slow down. You should be attentive for bad road conditions and unexpected ice patches. Avoid dangerous patches and don’t take chances by speeding or loosening your grip.

Motorcycle Winter 5Maintain Rider Visibility

Daylight hours are fewer in winter and wintry conditions make it hard for others to see you. Dressing in easily visible clothes is a good idea. Also, wearing a headlight to help you see the road better might be a good idea.

Motorcycle Winter 6Know a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

While nobody wants to think about getting injured, accidents happen. Knowing a good motorcycle injury lawyer is crucial. Should an injury happen, you need a lawyer familiar with the subtle dynamics of the law. As mentioned, 92,000 people are injured in a motorcycle accident each year. Finding somebody who can represent you fairly and knows the ins and outs of the law. Motorcycle accidents are unlike other personal injury cases and vary state by state. Know somebody who can protect you should it be necessary.