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To some people, a slip and fall accident may not seem like a big deal. But if you’ve been the victim of such an accident, you know firsthand how serious these types of accidents can be. In many cases, a slip and fall accident results in some form of permanent injury. Tragically, it’s also not uncommon for a falling accident to result in death, especially if the victim is an older adult.

The “Where, What, and Why” of Slip and Fall Accidents

Knowing the answers to important questions regarding your accident helps reveal information that is crucial to a slip and fall lawsuit. These answers can help determine what parties may be held accountable for your injuries, thereby strengthening the validity of your slip and fall claim.

Question One: Where Were You When You Had Your Slip and Fall Accident?

Both public and private property can become hazardous to visitors, therefore a lawsuit can be filed against the owner or owners of either type of property.
With that being said, certain public establishments present a higher risk of slip and fall occurrences, such as:

Restaurants—Eating establishments create numerous falling hazards for customers and employees such as dim lighting, cramped eating spaces, and dropped beverages.

Retail Stores—Aisles cluttered with stacked merchandise or products spilled in the aisles can cause unsuspecting customers to slip and fall.

Parks and Playgrounds—More than 200,000 children are treated each year at emergency rooms for injuries stemming from falls at public, school, or daycare playgrounds.

Arenas, Stadiums, and Theaters—Wet floors, unmaintained bleachers, overcrowded aisles, and leftover food packaging pose a slip and fall risk at sporting events, concerts, and other performances.

Nursing Homes—Over 1,750 elderly adults living in nursing homes die each year from fall-related injuries. Those who survive a fall often suffer hip fractures or head injuries that result in permanent disability and reduced quality of life.

Question Two: What Property Feature Played a Role in Your Slip and Fall Accident?

Did you know that fall victims are more likely to file a premise liability lawsuit against property owners whose property contains certain features or characteristics? These property features (or “improvements,” as they are sometimes called) can unintentionally increase the odds of a visitor having a slip and fall accident.
Some of these property characteristics include:

Sidewalks—Cracked and uneven sidewalks pose a risk of tripping and falling.

Parking Lots—Poorly maintained or dimly lit parking lots can also pose a risk.

Stairs—Rickety, uneven stairs, or stairs with broken or missing handrails present a risk of falling. Stairs that are cluttered or poorly lit also pose a fall risk.

Escalators—From 1991 to 2005, nearly 40,000 people older than 65 were injured after slipping and falling while riding an escalator.

Construction—Properties that are under construction can be very dangerous and pose an unfortunate amount of slip and fall risks.

Question Three: Why Did Your Slip and Fall Accident Occur?

Even though certain property characteristic carry more risks than others, visiting a property where these features are not properly maintained poses an additional, even greater risk.

Some slip and fall hazards on certain property features can’t be removed or fixed immediately, however premises liability laws require property owners or managers to post warning signs to effectively communicate the risks posed by the hazard. For example, if there are no warning signs posted in the following scenarios, you may be due compensation for injuries sustained after falling.

Damaged/Wet Flooring—Loose or damaged tiles or floorboards can cause uneven surfaces and tripping or slipping hazards, therefore they need to be labeled accordingly with warning signs. Additionally, wet floors that are not properly marked with warning signs pose a risk for accident and injury.

Clutter and Debris—Public or private property with aisles or walkways that are blocked by merchandise, equipment, materials, or trash must have appropriate warning signs clearly posted.

Potholes and Ditches—If holes and ditches are left open because of maintenance work (or the lack of maintenance), there should be fencing and/or warning signs erected around the area.

Ultimately, all business owners and private homeowners have a legal responsibility to maintain their property and keep it safe for visitors. They also have a legal responsibility to warn visitors of any hazards that exist via appropriate and clearly visible means. Failing to meet this obligation can mean the property owner will be held accountable if someone is hurt in a slip-and-fall accident on their property.

A Savannah Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Anyone seriously injured in a slip and fall accident should consider whether a premises liability lawsuit applies to their situation. If the property owner or manager knew of the hazardous conditions yet failed to take reasonable steps to remove the danger or to warn visitors, a legal claim against the property owner may be filed.

The Savannah slip and fall accident lawyers at The Eichholz Law Firm have handled countless premises liability cases in Georgia and can successfully evaluate your potential claim. A personal injury lawsuit after a slip and fall accident may allow you to recover compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and your pain and suffering.

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