Let Us Help You Pursue Workers’ Compensation Wage Benefits

It is a common question among those injured at work: How will I pay my bills? Not only are immediate bills a pressing concern, but people injured at work may wonder about saving for retirement, for their children’s education and other pressing financial concerns.

A top source of stress among injured workers is the loss of income. Workers’ compensation provides wage benefits amounting to two-thirds of your average weekly income. The state puts a cap on your wage benefits, depending on the date you were injured.

Types of Wage Benefits

The following are different types of compensation you may be eligible to receive:

  • Compensation for temporary total disability (TTD) — Injured employees with temporary total disability benefits are eligible to receive about two-thirds of their wage, subject to a weekly cap of about $500. These payments will continue for up to 400 weeks, unless the injury is determined to be catastrophic, such as atraumatic brain injury or paralysis.
  • Compensation for temporary partial disability (TPD) — If your earning capacity is impaired but you are not totally disabled, you are entitled to TPD benefits. You may be eligible for TPD if you are injured and unable to earn a weekly wage equal to the wage you were earning. You are entitled to two-thirds of the difference between your wage before and after the accident, but no more than $334 per week. The payments may continue for up to 350 weeks after the injury.
  • Compensation for permanent partial disability (PPD) — PPD benefits take into account an employee’s physical disability or impairment. PPD payments begin after an employee stops receiving TTD or TPD benefits.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Your employer’s insurance provider may try to limit or deny your claim. We stand up for our clients and demand full compensation from the insurance companies. If you or a loved one was injured, contact a workers’ compensation attorney today. Your initial consultation with The Eichholz Law Firm is free, and there is no obligation. We look forward to discussing your legal options. Call (866) 947-7449.