Driving in winter weather on iced-over roads is not easy or particularly enjoyable.

In wintry conditions, truckers and those operating large, commercial vehicles have even more to worry about, as the sheer size of a big rig can put a driver in danger of having a serious accident. The bigger or more awkward the vehicle, the more dangerous the journey can become.

New or inexperienced truckers might be particularly wary of their first winter on the road, and for good reason. The U.S. Department of Transportation recorded an average of 154,580 crashes every year from 2002 to 2012 on icy roads. These accidents resulted in an average of 580 fatalities and 45, 133 injuries for the same time frame.

Winter conditions are a serious hazard to truckers. If you are driving a commercial vehicle in winter weather conditions this year, keep the following tips in mind to stay safe:

Tip #1: Talk to People


Utilize your CB to connect with other drivers on the road, especially if you are less experienced. They may be able to help you plan your route according to changes in weather patterns, or even explain how best to tackle an emergency escape from a road that’s too slick.

Tip #2: Watch for Warning Signs

If you come upon vehicles that have pulled off of the road or see slow traffic, beware that the roads may be worse than you think they are.

Tip #3: Ice on Your Windshield Means Ice on the Road

It’s simple enough—if ice has formed on your windshield it has formed on the road, too. Ice doesn’t have to be packed to be an issue; even a thin sheet on the ground is enough to cause problems.

Tip #4: Keep Your Distance

Allow other vehicles plenty of room. Don’t tailgate, as this is dangerous for both of you and worrisome to other drivers. Similarly, keep your distance from guardrails and dangerous curves. Take it slow and put your safety ahead of your schedule.

Tip #5: Know Your Rig and What it Needs


winter-truck-driving-tips-small-2Did you know that your diesel can gel if it becomes too cold? Knowing your vehicle and what it needs to correct any issues you may run into can save time and might just save your life. Be sure to carry backup supplies in case you get stuck and need assistance. Prior to your trip, be sure to take your truck in for regular maintenance and any additional services it may need for winter conditions.

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