SF Woman Visiting Atlanta Killed in Deadly Crash

A woman who was visiting Atlanta to celebrate her friend’s birthday was killed Sunday after the driver of a stolen car collided with her vehicle.

The 32-year-old woman, later identified as Janae Rice of California, was in a white Ferrari when it was t-boned by a red Chevy Malibu around 4:15 p.m. at the intersection of McDaniel and Peters streets in Southwest Atlanta.

Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that police were trying to stop the stolen vehicle when the driver, 25-year-old Demarco Mosley, ran a red light and struck the passenger side of the white Ferrari, killing Rice. Mosley and the driver of the Ferrari were both treated for minor injuries.

“I can’t believe this happened. She is such a beautiful person,” Reknesha Connor said about her friend who had come to celebrate her birthday.

Police had lost sight of Mosley during the chase but arrived at the intersection to find the collision had already happened. Witnesses described the crash.

“I heard tires screeches and then a loud bang so I rushed out to the patio and as soon as I stepped on the patio I saw two officers they cut on their lights and pulled up right here,” witness Kilan Pace told Fox 5 News.

According to Rice’s brother, Ray Coleman, Rice was a mother to a 12-year-old boy and had gone through a lot in her life.

“We need justice. We’re going to get justice for this. This is not fair, at all,” Connor told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson.

Mosley was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and drug possession, according to police. His first court appearance was scheduled for Tuesday.

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