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11 Infamous Celebrity Motorcycle Accidents

Celebrities are just like us…or so the saying goes. Although some people think that all celebrities have their own chef, butler, and driver most of them actually opt to drive themselves. Just like us, they tend to be involved in motor vehicle accidents as well.

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association the number of motorcycle fatalities reported in 2012 is expected to increase by 9% compared to 2011. The number of actual motorcycle accidents is well into the hundreds of thousands, so it is no surprise that a number of motorcycle accident victims are celebrities.

    • Gary Busey was strongly anti-helmet until a violent motorcycle crash in 1988 led to life-threatening head injuries. He has since recovered and now advocates helmet use.


    • Adrien Brody was involved in a motorcycle crash in 1992 where he slid feet-first through a crosswalk.


    • Billy Idol was bed ridden for several months after a motorcycle collision in 1990. The accident occurred after Idol ran a stop sign and was struck by a car.


    • Bob Dylan was involved in a motorcycle accident in 1966.


    • In 2003, long after donning the infamous red shorts, Baywatch star David Hasselhoff crashed into a light pole after losing control of his motorcycle.


    • Liam Neeson was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2000 while riding his Harley. The actor had an encounter with a deer that led to the crash.


    • Keanu Reeves had a not-so-excellent adventure in 1997 when he was involved in a motorcycle accident that caused him to rely on crutches for several weeks.


    • Ben Roethlisberger suffered serious life-threatening injuries after a 2006 motorcycle accident. The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash and did not have a motorcycle license.


    • California’s one-time governator Arnold Schwarzenegger broke six ribs after an accident in 2001 and then had to receive stitches after another motorcycle crash in 2006.


    • In 1981 Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler tore his heel open after his motorcycle crashed into a tree.


  • Cleveland Brown’s tight-end Kellen Winslow Jr. tore knee ligaments in 2005 during a motorcycle crash that cost him the entire NFL season.

Many more celebrities have been involved in motorcycle collisions throughout the years including Brad Pitt and Jay Leno. Although most accident occurred on regular roadways, some happened during promotional events and even while on set.

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