Symrise Chemical Plant Explosion Brunswick, GA

Have You Been Affected by a Hazardous Material Accident at Work or Near Your Home?

Unfortunately, hazardous material accidents like the November 7, 2022 incident at Symrise Chemical Plant at Colonel’s Island, Georgia are not uncommon. In this latest example, several explosions and large fires have been reported at the scene by multiple news outlets.

The Symrise Chemical Plant produces hydrogen peroxide pinene, which may have been exposed to the immediate and surrounding areas in the explosion. Glynn County Incident Command issued a mandatory evacuation for anyone working or residing within one mile of the plant, and a mandatory shelter-in-place order for anyone within a three mile radius of the explosion. The fire became so large that the multi-fire-department detail had to retreat, as the 1.3 million gallon water supply was not enough, and began to run out.

The facility is located at 209 SMC Rd, Brunswick, GA 31523. 

Neighborhoods that were affected include (but are not limited to) Hickory Bluff, Sanctuary Cove, Royal Oaks, and Satilla Shores. 

Hazmat incidents like this are not only frightening, but they can result in serious workplace injuries to workers at the facility as well as to first responders, and even neighbors nearby.

Were you affected by the workplace fire at the Symrise Chemical plant? If you suffered a workplace injury in this or a similar incident, contact the team at The Eichholz Law Firm. Our experienced work injury lawyers can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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