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When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Civil cases are on the rise in the United States right now. If you have been injured by a person or organization and are wondering what steps you can take to get compensation, hiring a personal injury lawyer might benefit you. 

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injury lawyers are specialists in a specific type of law called tort law that deals with most civil cases where a person or organization causes physical or psychological harm to a plaintiff. The goal of a personal injury lawyer is to seek appropriate compensation for the damages caused, discourage similar situations from happening again, and make sure that the plaintiff is not taken advantage of during the legal process.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

You may wonder if you need to seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer about your recent injury. Injury cases can be complex, though some victims manage to handle claims on their own. Some cases can be conducted through small claims court or other means, while others need to go in front of a judge who handles personal injuries. Some cases may qualify for two types of compensation, but the victim can only collect one. It’s always in your best interest to speak to a qualified legal expert about your options. The following are some situations where you will be better off consulting with a personal injury attorney:

  • You’ve Received Major Injuries
    Any time that you experience a severe injury, there will be a likelihood of personal injury compensation. Therefore, you should schedule an appointment with a reputable attorney if you’ve experienced anything more than a superficial scratch in an incident. This includes injuries you receive in car accidents, slip-and-fall incidents, animal bites, and the like. It also applies if you’ve been harmed or become ill from using a product or medication. You could potentially be eligible for compensation in any of these situations.


  • You Feel Neglect Is Involved
    Neglect is the main qualifying factor in a personal injury case. An established attorney must be able to prove that the other party acted neglectfully and that the negligence caused your injury.The definition of negligence is to take action or fail to take action in someone’s best interest. Medical negligence occurs when doctors, nurses, and other staff members don’t make decisions in their patients’ best interests. An example is when a nurse issues the wrong medication to a person who has a severe allergic reaction. Automotive accidents can be neglectful in a variety of ways. One of the drivers can speed, run a red light, or operate the vehicle while distracted or under the influence. All situations can be cause for a personal injury case to arise.

    Pet owners are responsible for the behaviors and actions of their pets. A court might find a pet owner neglectful if the pet gets loose and bites another person.
    Businesses can be negligent if they fail to notify their customers of wet floors and other dangerous situations that can harm them.


  • Your Insurance Company Is Handling the Case Unprofessionally
    In a perfect world, an insurance company reviews a case and pays the claimant so that they can get medical care, automotive repairs, and the like. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. Sometimes, insurance companies deny paying valid claims, and they randomly change the terms of a policy. In that case, you may have to pursue the assistance of a reputable attorney. The attorney will try various strategies to get the insurance company to change its mind about the decision on your original claim. That may be good news for you because the insurance company may have to pay more damages for interfering with your time.


  • Your Place of Employment Caused Your Accident
    Another situation where you may need a personal injury attorney is when you get hurt on the job. By law, you are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, your employer may be at fault for your injury. In that case, you might have the option to request personal injury compensation instead of workers’ compensation. You cannot collect both benefits. Therefore, you’ll need to consult with an attorney to determine which option is best for you. Your employer might end up having to pay you a settlement, and you’ll need to decide whether you still want to work for the company.


  • You’re Being Accused of Fault
    In some cases, insurance companies determine that the claimant is partially or fully at fault for an accident. They use this decision to deny paying a claim. A personal injury attorney can assist in this type of situation because it’s usually not an open and shut case. Firstly, some states go by the percentage of fault in personal injury cases. That means you can still collect compensation, even if you’re partially at fault for the accident. Usually, the court will reduce the settlement amount by your percentage of fault. For example, you may only receive $70,000 from a $100,000 settlement in which you were 30 percent at fault.


  • You’re Not Sure of the Settlement Amount
    Another good reason to hire an attorney to help you is that you may not know how much you should request in your settlement. Your attorney will consider many factors and elements as they calculate a reasonable settlement amount. The attorney will look at your medical expenses, lost work wages, recovery bills, personal care, travel expenses, and more. Furthermore, the amount of pain and suffering will play a role if a high level of neglect is involved in the case.


  • The Case Is Otherwise Complex
    Some cases involve additional complexities that may affect their outcome. You may need a personal injury attorney if your case involves government entities or multiple parties, for example. Overall, the choice to consult with an attorney is a wise one. You can’t go wrong if you do because there is virtually no risk of any kind to your case or your livelihood. A reliable attorney will most likely offer you a free consultation.

How an Attorney Can Help

Personal injury attorneys are trained to get justice. That means they will fight hard to get a ruling for the defending party to pay a settlement to you. The settlement amount will depend on your personal financial losses and the degree of neglect in the matter. The attorney will add up your medical expenses, automotive repair bills, therapy, medication costs, wage losses, and more to develop the initial settlement request. A presiding judge may award additional funds to you if the other party’s neglect is extreme. For example, you may receive punitive damages if your injuries occurred in a drunk driving incident. You’ll have to qualify for compensatory damages before you can receive punitive damages, however.

Contact Eichholz Law Firm for Help With Your Case

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