One of the leading causes of facial injuries in the United States today, both major and minor, is associated with injuries sustained during automobile accidents.

Commonly known as maxillofacial trauma, these injuries can be defined as a physical trauma affecting the facial area, and can cause life-threatening circumstances to the victims.  Also included in these facial injuries are torn tear duct injuries.

The science behind how the tear duct works begins with the lacrimal glad secreting a watery substance, also known as a tear. This is meant to remove dust, bacteria, viruses and other foreign objects from the eye ball, which could cause damage. The tears flow across the eyes into two openings on the upper and inner lid towards the nose.  If any part of this system is damaged it can be very harmful to the eyes.

Common Causes of a Torn Tear Duct

Typically protective devices like seat belts and air bags will help prevent the number of facial injuries that occur from automobile accidents; however we cannot avoid everything in our vehicle that could cause facial harm.

Items that are known to cause facial harm inside a vehicle during an accident include;

  • Steering wheel
  • Airbags
  • Dashboard
  • Windshield
  • Broken glass

Another important fact to note is that most facial injuries occur due to some form of blunt trauma.  We can do our best to avoid common accidents by abiding by traffic laws, being defensive drivers, and being aware of our surroundings. If you have been involved in an accident resulting in a torn tear duct, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your losses and damages. Contact the Eichholz Law Firm by filling out the Free Case Review at the top of this page, its free.

How to Treat a Torn Tear Duct

Treating a torn tear duct should be attended to immediately beginning with covering it with a sterile pad. Many eye doctors have an emergency contact number; however in some cases these injuries may require the attention of a board certified plastic surgeon to avoid further complications. If you have a torn tear duct or eye injury you should follow these steps:

  • Lightly place a shield over the eye
  • DO NOT rinse the eye
  • DO NOT remove anything stuck in the eye
  • DO NOT apply pressure or rub the eye
  • Avoid pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. (these are blood thinners and may increase bleeding)
  • See an eye doctor or physician immediately

All eye injuries should be treated as potential emergencies; we should never hesitate to contact or visit an eye doctor or physician as soon as any injury to the eye occurs, as we only have one set.

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